Gallery House

Agarsure, Alibaug, India

Amidst a tapering quarter-acre parcel, the captivating Gallery House skillfully embraces its northern frontage, graciously greeting the green lawn and arrival court, while gracefully navigating the angled rear edge. On the ground floor, a thoughtful layout situates the primary rooms towards the north and west, reserving the southern expanse for more utilitarian purposes. The journey between different zones of the house, both on the ground and upper levels, unfurls along the enchanting north-facing side, resembling a stretched and multi-tiered gallery. As if mirroring the layout's fluidity, the façade of this exceptional abode exudes an artistic and gallery-like movement. The upper level facade emerges as a transparent linear marvel, enclosed within a series of masonry envelopes or graceful folds. Adding to the allure, seasoned hardwood battens play a dual role, veiling the glazed upper corridor while seamlessly intertwining with the long and elegant slab folds that define the upper volume.


Plot Size

3 Acre

Built Area

18,000 sq. m.




Private Pool

Private Gym

6 Bed Rooms

Gated Community


Mandwa Jetty:

24 minute drive

Kiki’s Café & Deli:

9 minute drive

Dhokawade Weekly Market:

11 minute drive

Awas Beach:

14 minute drive

Boardwalk by Flamboyante:

16 minute drive

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