Orchard House

New Delhi, 2018

Site Area 1 ac / Built up : 10,000 sq ft / | Project Type: Residential / Retreat Home | Project Developer Team: Bharat Grandeur Homes | Landscape Architects: DADA and Partners

Nestled amidst a lush expanse of mature mango trees, this remarkable project beautifully embodies the delicate balance between preserving the sanctity of nature's territory, the proud tree trunks, and their lush foliage, while leaving an indelible mark of our own rhythm on the ground below. Crafted with finesse, a series of stone-clad walls elegantly hug the tree canopy, skillfully delineating three unique courts and forging an intimate connection with the architecture. The rustic charm of Kurnoor grey limestone, adorning these monochromatic walls, creates a tapestry of thresholds, welcoming visitors into a realm of harmonious coexistence. With a consistent interplay of steel, timber, glass, and stone, gracefully melded with the deep hues of the orchard, the design evokes a sense of enchantment, where man and nature unite in splendid equilibrium.

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